Editorial high fashion photography guide

fashion photography

Clothes, trends, and accessories all come under the category of fashion photography. For centuries the public has been interested in what other people are wearing, which clothes look good, and what the next big thing will be. Fashion magazines cater for this demand, and provide an array of articles and photos to please their customers.

The high fashion photography was made famous by the magazine Vogue, an American company who still specialise in the field of fashion. Vogue’s creator, Arthur Baldwin Turnure did not include photos in his publication. It was not until Condé Nast took over, that fashion photography was introduced into the mainstream of American culture, and the magazine flourished in popularity.

Editorial fashion photography

To create a typical fashion photograph, several key elements need to be involved. First, and most importantly, you need a photographer. Some of the more famous fashion photographers include Donald McPherson, Albert Watson, and Bruce Weber, all of which have been involved with the big names in fashion.

The next photography guide key element is the garment, the piece of clothing which the photo is there to display. Often, it is a new design, but sometimes fashion photography can be used to celebrate and remember older clothes and trends.

You also need a model to take a fashion photograph. Models are regularly know as “beautiful” people, as they are often good looking. Some famous fashion models include Kate Moss, Heidi Klum, and Tyra Banks.
The last important addition to make a fashion photograph, is an aesthetically pleasing setting. Fashion photographs make use of many different types of backgrounds, this allows a multitude of clothes and accessories to be represented in so many different and creative ways.

irving penn fashion photography as art

Due to the artistic nature of photography, fashion snaps can often be labelled as pieces of art. When the photographer has created an image which makes viewers wrestle with its meaning, or take a longer time to examine it, it is possible that he has created art.

Clothing itself is a creative form, and photographs of clothes and trends hold a particular significance with a portion of the mass public, which makes them relevant. Photographers can use so many different methods, which are linked to art, to create their pieces, to make them stand out. Some of the more popular methods have been abstraction, realism, and even Art Nouveau/Deco.

vintage fashion photography

As the computer age continues, and the internet flourishes, photography like fashion photography, high speed photography etc has changed massively. It is possible to use computers to enhance any image, and to creative pictures from scratch. As these electronic methods become more advanced, the traditional camera will lose significance.

However, until computers can provide the intimacy and passion that a true fashion photographer can, they will continue to be nothing more than an aid. The true meaning of fashion photography, is to create an image that relates the connection between people and clothes, but also to determine the future for fashion, and where the trends will lead.