Digital photography basics, making photography simple and fun

Digital photography basics

Digital photography basics | Making photography simple and fun will be easy as you learn about your camera, its functions and how to take good pictures.If you’re shooting film some of these descriptions using digital photography terms will obviously not apply.

For example, even if you’re new to digital photo basics I’m sure you realize the difference between cameras using film and the digital age using memory cards.However, how to take good pictures and understanding more about your camera functions will definitely still apply.

So, just how do you get started?You actually need to know very little prior to taking your first photos.It’s really pretty simple to begin with.Insert the charged batteries.Making sure the camera is turned off insert your memory card.

Turn on your camera and format your memory card.Start snapping.Once you understand the few camera functions to get started you can then evolve into building a solid foundation.Even learning a few digital photography basics and tips for taking digital photography will get you well on your way.

Let’s get going in a little more detail.

If you’ve just purchased a new camera, perhaps it’s your first one, and you can’t wait to get shooting take a moment to check if your batteries need to be fully charged.If your camera is digital you’ll require a memory card.

In a nutshell it’s a small portable storage unit you insert into and remove from your camera as the tool for capturing the pictures you take.A memory card, as mentioned, is required if your camera is digital and not everyone realizes it is not in the box with your new camera.

Therefore, you’ll need to make this additional purchase.Taking care of this card will help ensure a long a happy life for the two of you.Of all of the digital photography basics there is great benefit in being familiar with formatting your memory card and a few other best memory card care tips.

So, now you know about starting off with fresh batteries, a prepared memory card and why these are important digital photography basics.

While this may seem overly obvious different camera models have different locations for the on/off button.There’s nothing to be concerned about if you need to take a moment and find it.Let’s assume you’ve just taken your first photograph.

Now what happens?Depending on your camera model there may be a slight variation and now is a good time for starting to get comfortable referring to the camera manual.There are several features you’ll likely want to access right away and they actually work in a partnership, if you will.

However, if you have a point and shoot no matter how long and hard you look you may not find a viewfinder and you will definitely not have a viewfinder diopter.Relating to digital photography basics these features are:

The monitor, viewfinder, viewfinder diopter and the LCD panel. These features of the camera work very well in partnership with each other, as you’ll soon find out.Due to this partnership, clicking even one of the links below will direct you to the page about all four of these camera features.

The monitor, sometimes referred to as the LCD Monitor depending on your camera model, looks like a miniature TV screen on the back of your digital camera.

The viewfinder and viewfinder diopter are applicable to composition and in the case of the diopter, clear focus through the viewfinder according to your own personal eyesight.

The LCD panel, along with the monitor, is yet another great feature for reviewing data regarding your photos. Information such as exposure, aperture, shutter speed, flash on or off and battery power, just to name a few.

The SLR camera diagram will likely help you identify and figure out some of your camera’s buttons and dials.However, before you delve too deeply into the SLR camera diagram, how do you know if you actually have this type of camera?

Although it’s very likely you have a digital camera, SLR is applicable to both film and digital cameras.This means you may come across the letters SLR, relating to film, or DSLR, relating to digital.

What does SLR stand for?

Single-Lens-Reflex.Part of helping you understand digital photography basics is to help you discover if this is the type of camera you have or not.If you’re not sure you may wish to check out the page what does SLR stand for?

Other helpful digital photography basics.In addition to the topics on the navigation bar and to help you find your way around my web site I’ve included Index features.

If you’re looking for a particular topic, and once it’s posted, it will be included in at least one Index.Also, all pages may be found by scrolling down the home page.The objective of this page is to help you get going and accomplish the first steps to taking great photos!

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